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The Reading Room

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The MOWFF Reading Room is an educational resource center for educators, students and anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of African American history, culture and the issues surrounding the fight against systemic racism and toward a more just society.

It features:

  1. The Principles of Two Key Movement Groups of the 1960s – Nonviolent Social Action from the SCLC, and the 10 Point Plan of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, for examination and discussion. 

  2. Curriculum Guide for Brother Outsider, the Bayard Rustin film; and Rustin’s original notes on final plans for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

  3. The Core Principles for How to Heal Oppressions

  4. Do Something! Our list of advocacy organizations   

  5. Suggested reading lists of fiction and non-fiction, adult and young adult titles on African American history and culture from: 

    1. The Harlem Writers Guild

    2. Black Classic Press

    3. The Black Man of Happiness Project

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