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Imagining Equity

We champion equity, diversity, and inclusion in the film industry and beyond. Explore our initiatives, events, and resources dedicated to amplifying marginalized voices, fostering dialogue, and driving positive change. Join us as we strive to create a more inclusive and equitable world through the transformative power of film.

A Social Justice Film and Media Arts Course

We invite you to learn more about our landmark filmmaking course for high school students. Imagining Equity will enable students’ stories to be shared, seen, and heard through the power of video, film, and associated media arts.

This full-year courseware is much more than a traditional film class. Imagining Equity asks students to consider the history of civil rights and present-day issues of social justice as they learn the techniques of film and video production–and to produce a final work that brings their own stories and visions to light.

Traditional high school film courses are steeped in technique. This flagship program provides the narrative structure and storytelling skills that will allow students not merely to become technicians, but directors–and thus authors of their own stories as seen through a social justice lens. 

Teachers, special instructors, and mentors will guide these student storytellers to present their visions, through a rigorous-yet-engaging curriculum drawing on filmmaking, narrative composition, language, arts, history, and ethnic studies. 

All too often, self-expression through media arts has been in the hands of young people of privilege. We believe that all students should be able to tell their stories and show visions of their world. In so doing, they learn that their voices–and yes, they themselves–are important and true.